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Acceptable Use Policy

The use of Rucker Consulting is governed by an Acceptable use policy as outlined below.

Please note that these policies are in place for a very good reason. The use of Rucker Consulting contrary to these policies may get you banned from many search engines.


  1. You may not use this program to SPAM indexes by submitting the same URL multiple times.


  2. You may not submit different URLs which are the identical, or similar copies of the same page on the same server.


  3. You may resubmit a URL to link directories if there is a significant change both to the URL title and page content. You may re-submit a URL to search engines if there is a significant change in the page content and/or URL title.


  4. You may not modify the submission rules to force the listing of inappropriate sites for a given engine.


  5. You may not force the submission to regionally specific engines if your site is not related directly to the region. This includes submitting sites to domain specific engines if your site is unrelated to and/or outside the domain.


  6. You may not submit more than one URL from the same site to link list directories unless the pages are unrelated or have significantly different content.


  7. You must select the most appropriate category for your URL and you may NOT submit the same URL to more than one category.

Rucker Consulting - Priority Submission Policy

All submissions are governed by acceptable use policies, terms and conditions as published by each engine in conjunction with their priority inclusion service. These policies are subject to change.

The priority submission service does not guarantee acceptance of the URL if the URL violates any of the inclusion or editorial guidelines as published by each engine. Priority Submissions fees are non-refundable once processed.

Trellian guarantees to submit all Priority Submission URLs through the priority submission service offered by each engine. Trellian offers no further guarantees on the acceptance and subsequent re-indexing of each URL.

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